70s vibesFor this fall, the 70's will continue, which is the very source of inspiration. The pants are wider, and generally everything gets loose. The autumn's popular colors become brown and green. Especially the brown color becomes dominant and it is in all shades: Light, dark, tanned. At the same time it also associates with something organic and natural, and all that is outdoors, as the green color also does. It is clearly seen that organic wins in our society these years. Food, wine and clothing must be organic and at the same time we are cleaning up in the recent decades of heavy use of plastic and additives.

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The brown suede is a proof that the natural and organic also fills a lot with the autumn wardrobe.

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The rough velvet material from the 70's has returned in the form of wide pants, jackets and shirts. Mix with simple parts and accessories so it does not get too heavy.Our Legacy drip shirtOur Legacy: Drip shirt - Shop here

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Roller collars can make a casual look more formal, which can also be worn under a shirt on the colder days. Another clear proof of the 60's and 70's inspiration.

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