A new TOWNSFOLK collection is on the way and as something new this time around the entire collection and be pre-ordered. When you as customer pre-order the new Townsfolk collection you pay up front and only receive your order once its ready to ship in the end of October.

Pre-orders work this way:
- You pick your favorite style and regular sizing. The you proceed to check-out as you would when ordering a web-order under normal circumstances
At this point the 15% discount will be withdrawn from your total as a thank you for participating in the pre-order
After you have paid for your selected Townsfolk items you will receive a confirmation that we have received your pre-order
The last step is for you to lean back and relax and just wait for the Townsfolk autumn/winter collection being ready for shipping

*Pre-orders work the same way if they are made in our Copenhagen flagship store. Only here you will get a normal receipt which is your proof that you have paid for your Townsfolk pre-order and this receipt need to be brought along when picking up the order at the end of October*