Kirby Shirt Lasso blue - Townsfolk
Kirby Shirt Lasso blue - Townsfolk
Kirby Shirt Lasso blue - Townsfolk
Won Hundred

Kirby Shirt Lasso blue

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Product description
Won Hundred Kirby shirt is a short-sleeved casual shirt in a regular fit. Made from cotton fabric with lasso print all over. Features camp shirt collar, button fastening in front, and a small slit at hem on each side.

- Regular fit.
- Camp collar.
- 100% cotton.

On this page you will find our selection of shirts. We carry a wide assortment of many different styles some are classic and other are a bit more untraditional. In other words, there is shirt for any style and feel – also for the man who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing shirts. We have shirts for any occasion. Besides shirts you will find related pieces of clothing on this page. Among these are polos, and different kinds of outerwear.


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